Events in 1997-1998

Ted Polet

Valkenburg 1997

In June, 1997, Reinier Hendriksen, Guillaume Veenhuis, Marco Nuesink, Otto Schouwstra, Fried Lagerweij and myself, together with some others whose name I forgot, did the first show at Valkenburg. I forgot who took the initiative. The photo below, taken by Reinier with the camera on a tripod, shows the exhibitors.

Valkenburg 1997 video  

Expong 1997

In October, 1997, Reinier and I took Dunalistair to Expong, together with Guillaume's 0e layout 'Watkijk' and Marco Nuesink's 'Llad-two-c-u'. Mick Thornton at the time used an early digital camera, a Sony Mavica, to record the visit. The image quality is nothing compared to what we are used to these days, but still it is an interesting early record of a Dutch Group event - even if there wasn't yet a Dutch Group!

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Sparsholt 1998

And finally, Moors End was shown by Reinier and Loes at the 25th Anniversary of the Society at Sparholt in 1998. Jan van Mourik made some video of that occasion - I wasn't there.

  Sparsholt 1998 video  

Photos and video of Moors End copyright © Loes van der Klei