Kleibosch (2002)

Rob Reinders

Claypits weren't always situated beside the brickworks. Claus Schubert, in his book 'Feldbahnen in Süddeutschland', describes a few factories that collected the clay further away. Using the narrow gauge railway, the clay is transported to the loading bridge where it is transferred into a truck.

The March 2002 issue of 009 News featured a layout of A3 paper size. This inspired me to build a layout to the same dimensions, choosing transhipment of clay as a theme. The pictures show the construction stages of the layout. In my last picture the scenery is almost completed. The engine shed was taken from my other layout 'De Blauwe Polder', where it had to make place for a tramway. This layout appeared at the narrow gauge model railway exhibition at the National Narrow Gauge Railway Museum in Valkenburg, 22/23 June, and at Rail & Modelbouw 2002 in 's-Hertogenbosch.

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