Mouburg (2002)

Jan van Mourik

In 2002, Jan van Mourik had worked for several years on his layout 'Regionale Tram Mouburg' (Regional Mouburg Tramways) which had by then appeared in public several times, even though restricted to the station area and the workshops. By 2002, Jan had changed his layout to include a harbour scene (still in its early stages) and a continuous run. The continuous run added a lot of interest during model railway shows because it proved to be a good idea to have something moving all the time.

The station area now was nearly completed, with the station building finished to a high degree of detail both inside and out, new platforms added and the tram depot to the left. The harbour area was eventually to include a loading bridge to enable goods stock to be pushed on to the barge which is fitted with narrow gauge track. A steam tug was built to tow the barge to other islands, following the Rotterdam Tramway practice favoured by the builder.

More photos (2002)