Stichting Behoud Leemspoor

Bert van Rhijn

A preserved brickworks and industrial railway

Bert van Rhijn brought a surprise to our meeting of 9 September 2002 in the shape of his new brickworks layout. 'De Opruiming' (translates as 'The Clearance') is a museum brickworks with its own railway. We were impressed by Bert's meticulous workmanship: obviously we can expect this layout to develop into a winner. Behind the backscene is a train turntable enabling loaded trains to be exchanged by empties. Bert's railway subsequently became known as 'Stichting Behoud Leemspoor'.

By mid-2003 this layout had evolved into a fully scenic diorama with impressive scenery and operating characteristics. Bert was at the Valkenburg NG shows of 2003 and 2004 with his layout, where he had a great deal of success. The layout was featured in the Continental Modeller magazine and appeared at the Rail2004 show in Leiden on 12/13/14 November 2004.

Bert often uses the SBL as a test track for his ever-increasing collection of rolling stock. This is described elsewhere on this website.

Through the years, SBL often appeared at Valkenburg, but in 2014 it was finally invited to Expong, much overdue!

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