Hollenstein (2004)

Rob Reinders

Over the years I have collected a number of Austrian narrow gauge models in h0e scale and by 2004 it was time to take them out of the box or show-case. In other words, it was time for a layout. The layout as designed consisted of three modules. Two of them are used for a little station, the third is used for 'fiddling', for a working surface, to put a cup of coffee on etc. The idea is based on the station of Gross Hollenstein at the Ybbstalbahn, where goods traffic still exists. From the Schmalspur-Modulbaugruppe I received the plan of this station.

I did not copy this plan completely, but made adjustments to the available space and my wishes. The siding, for example, does not connect a saw mill but an agricultural storage yard of the 'Ybbstaler Landwirtschaftliche Genossenschaft'. Although the accents are mainly Ybbstalbahn-like, the station is fictitious and should allow traffic from the Pinzgaubahn and the 'Krumpe' as well. In addition, the situation could be either 1975 or 1995. Though not everything at the same time. Of course the Pola kit 'Zweinitz' (currently produced by Faller) was used. Other buildings were scratchbuilt, including the engine shed, goods sheds and electricity box. Paving is made from clay, vegetation is from practically all well-known producers. Operation of the layout is as simple as possible. Switches to turn the tracks on or off, points are operated by little rods.

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