Events in 2007

Ted Polet

Euromodelbouw Genk 10/2007

On the 6th and 7th of October the Euromodelbouw 2007 show in Genk, Belgium took place. The Dutch Group was represented by 3 layouts: Mariahöhe by Henk Wust and Derk Huisman (who is a member of the Fremo group, not the Dutch Group, but we still hope to persuade him!), Uivernest by Jan van Mourik and Rae Bridge by myself.

The show at Genk was a very busy one and the public, which came from at least 6 countries, proved very pleasant to talk to. Euromodelbouw is a 'broad' modelling show which also caters for model ship, aeroplane and road vehicle modelling as well as military modelling. They even had model Zeppelins hovering in the main hall!

Apart from narrow gauge layouts there were several excellent standard gauge ones, two of which took prizes. Henk and Derk were awarded the second prize for Mariahöhe.




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Valkenburg 9/2007

Over the weekend of the 8th and 9th of September, 2007, the annual narrow gauge model railway show in the Valkenburg museum took place. In the museum building and the new carriage shed a great number of model railways from home and abroad were exhibited. As we have come to expect from this show, the atmosphere was very friendly and the museum had over 700 visitors over the weekend, both modellers and families with young children.

Several exhibitors had set up their layouts during Friday afternoon, and on Saturday morning most of us were busy with trial running and completing the final preparations. Around 10:30 the doors opened to the public and we had quite a busy day. In the evening the participants were offered a barbecue and the traditional late steam train around the lake.

Apart from a number of well-known exhibits in Valkenburg, several new entries were shown like "Schmerz an der Oggel" by Tony & Pat Mortlock, the well-known Norwegian "Orkhavnbanen" by Vincent Scholtze & Frodo Weidema, "Terra Cotta" by Otto Schouwstra, "Foss Landing" by Dave & Midge Grassing, and the "Frederick Limewood Armour Works", a cubic type layout designed by Hans van der Linden. Several layouts are decribed below.

Schmerz an der Oggel:

Schmerz an der Oggel, a well-known 1:50 scale layout, is based on the East German narrow gauge shortly before the end of the Communist era in that part of Germany. Several structures are scale models of actual examples, and the rolling stock was made by hand. The turntable at the end of the layout is a good place to admire Tony's locomotives. Tony Mortlock regrettably passed away in 2013.


The Orkhavnbanen is a freelance model railway in H0e set in Norway. The electrified line starts in the harbour town of Orkhavn and climbs to a reversing station. Here the line doubles back and disappears in a tunnel. The fictitious concept of this model railway later proved to exist in reality as it is much like the Thamshavn railway. The L shaped scenic area is dominated by huge rock outcrops and a towering waterfall. The picturesque harbour with its fishing boats and wooden houses immediately conjures up the memory of Norway for anyone who has visited that country. The layout has various animations and sound effects.

Terra Cotta:

Over the years Otto Schouwstra has changed from very large to very small scale narrow gauge modelling. His newest creation was a pottery (terracotta) factory in H0 scale with a track gauge of only 6.7mm. As usual, Otto has fitted synchronised sound effects (his trademark) and everything is fully automated and works perfectly. Otto presented Terra Cotta to the British modelling public at Expong on October 27th, 2007.

Foss Landing:

Dave and Midge Grassing by that time had their third narrow gauge layout after an American theme: Foss Landing, a harbour with a narrow gauge railway on two levels, and the typical wealth of detail produced by Midge. A bear renders the water tower unsafe, the fishing boats and timber buildings, open-fronted workshops and… the inevitable harbour item: Wicked Wanda's disreputable establishment. With a working neon sign!

Frederick Limewood Armour Works:

Shortly before the show, Hans van der Linden appeared at a Dutch Group meeting with a square box, a circular piece of track and a few half-made cardboard buildings. He announced he was going to build an easy-to-transport industrial scene. Only a few months on, and lo and behold, the layout has progressed to the stage where it can be exhibited, featuring the "Frederick Limewood Armour Works", a factory of…. pre-war tanks!

Van der Werf Zand & Grind:

Bas Pols, like last year, showed the well-known "Van der Werf" diorama built by the late Fried Lagerweij, who only shortly before had passed away. Bas contacted the family and the museum to show the diorama in working condition to pay tribute to Fried's memory. It now resides as a static display in the museum and is a wonderful example of the large scale detail work which Fried was known and respected for at home and abroad.

On Sunday afternoon the layouts were judged by two well-known modellers (Hans Louvet and Jan Hein Ruigrok), who judged each entry against several criteria. Not unexpectedly the "Orkhavnbanen" came out first, followed closely by "Terra Cotta" and "Castle Rock". Both the latter would incidentally feature at Expong the next month.

At the end of a show the inevitable moment arrives to dismantle the layout, load it in the car and drive home. I always find this the worst moment of an enjoyable show – it must be a sign of addiction. Although, after the equipment has been carried to the storage room, and I'm able to lean back and contemplate the events of the weekend, I usually catch myself nodding off…

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