Events in 2011

Ted Polet

2011 - an overview

The past year was rather an eventful one for the Dutch Group, although we met just once (at Daan Biesselsí place, see photo album) which isnít unusual due to our being widely spread over the country.

Eddy Bolderdijk

In August we regrettably lost our good friend Eddy Bolderdijk, who despite living at a considerable distance in the northeastern town of Assen put in a regular appearance at our meetings and shows. I was privileged to have several long talks on the phone with Eddy and I remember his unbeatable optimism, despite his illness. They were good and lively discussions about his modelling ideas and various other topics. He was planning a narrow gauge layout with a harbour station which he built the baseboards for together with his son Martijn (another of our members). Regrettably it wasnít to be. His pleasant and cheerful company is missed by us all.


Members of the Dutch Group have taken part in several model railway shows. Henk Wust has done his final exhibition tour, as he was going to take things easier. He attended several shows at home and abroad, showing his extensive work: Ontraxs, Rail2011 and Genk (Belgium), Chatham (England) and Deltaspoor (Rotterdam/Poortugaal), the latter two featuring in reports below. Henk was assisted in the course of this tour by various people including Jan van Mourik, Derk Huisman and Jaap Stuurman.

Wigan Model Railway Show, December 2011

Rae Bridge was invited to the Wigan model railway show in December 2011. After a stormy crossing from Rotterdam to Hull and a drive of about 2 hours, my brother Marcel and I arrived in Wigan, being welcomed by Stan Williams, Roger Christian, Garry Whiting and Bill Luty. Rae Bridge and several other layouts including Purbeck and Crumley & Little Wickhill were grouped around the 009 Society's stand. The show was very busy indeed and it seems the narrow gauge exhibits drew a lot of public. Photos by Mick Thornton (copied with permission from his roving reporter gallery and by my brother Marcel.

009 Society publicity stand:

Rae Bridge visited by Roger and Matt Chivers:

Hull Miniature Railway Societyís Crumley & Little Wickhill Railway:

Photos by Mick Thornton    

Photos by Marcel Polet  

Valkenburg, September 2011

At Valkenburg the Dutch Group was present with Mouburg (Jan van Mourik), Nixnie (Ted Polet) and The Corn Mill (coproduction by Henk Wust, John & Jane Jacobs, and Derk Huisman). In addition we saw Jacky Molinaro with his well-known Vis-en-Artois layout in 0e.

Jacky Molinaro & Vis-en-Artois:

Billard railbus at Mouburg:

The Corn Mill (Henk Wust et al):

Photos by Jan van Mourik    

Photos by Harald Wingchen  

Deltaspoor, September 2011

Punta Marina and Rae Bridge were invited to Deltaspoor, a small local show organised in Rotterdam/Poortugaal, by the Spijkspoor model railway club. Henk, Jan and myself attended.

Punta Marina (Henk Wust):

Rae Bridge (Ted Polet):

Spijkspoor club layout, narrow gauge section:

More video stills  

Chatham, juni 2011

At Chatham, Henk was assisted by Jan van Mourik and Jaap Stuurman. Jan had also brought his small layout 'Uivernest'. I myself had the pleasure of visiting the Chatham show after a private crossing from Holland together with my wife, using our own yacht.

Punta Marina (0-16.5, Henk Wust):

Raven's Rock (0-16.5), Tony Hill:

St. Etienne-en-Caux (H0e), Charles Insley:

More video stills    

Better photos by Tom Dauben  

Dutch Group meeting, 23 April 2011

On the 23th of April we met at Daan Biessels' place in the southern town of Goes. There were nine of us: Jan Mekenkamp, Rob Reinders, Jos de Klerk, Bert van Rhijn, Dick van Beek, Hans van der Linden, Jan van Mourik, Daan Biessels of course and myself. Daan and Mrs Biessels had set up an impressive array of buns and soup to feed all the hungry mouths. Apart from the meeting itself there was a second and most important reason to hold the meeting in Goes: a visit to Daan's Bregenzerwaldbahn. Well, this is some layout! We positively gaped at the impressive Alpine landscape Daan has created in a fairly short time. The BWB is a layout with many interesting scenic features and it is a working layout as well.

Apart from this, Jan Mekenkamp had brought not only some rolling stock, but also his new layout which at first sight looks like a rabbit warren. However, it isn't, as all the curves and gradients will be below the landscape. They serve to get trains up to the future station from the low level holding tracks. In addition, the extensive underfloor mechanical point controls could be admired when Jan put the layout on its side. Jos, Bert and Rob had brought rolling stock. Bert has made a trio of diesel locomotives of various sources that, thanks to the red livery and the high level of workmanship, went together very well. Jos had brought a number of handbuilt H0e carriages that he had found in the Czech republic. Finally, I myself brought my new demonstration layout that needs a lot of work to make presentable for the September Valkenburg show. In the evening we had our traditional Chinese meal in the town centre of Goes, which is only a short walk away.

Bregenzerwaldbahn (Daan Biessels):


Again, the Bregenzerwaldbahn:

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