Mouburg (2013)

Jan van Mourik

The Regionale Tram Mouburg or Mouburg Tramway, a project started over a decade ago, is now completed and has made a number of apperances at well known model railway shows. In addition, an article appeared in the June 2013 Continental Modeller magazine. The latest show Mouburg appeared was Chatham, where it was well received judging from the comments on the NGRM forum.

The theme comes from the old Rotterdam Tramway system (RTM). This company had a network of 3'6" gauge lines on the former islands to the south of Rotterdam including ferry services. The new harbour station which was added to Mouburg includes a ferry terminal and a jetty where a railway transport barge can load goods vehicles.

The layout includes many kitbashed or scratchbuilt buildings. Jan uses plastic parts for much of his building construction work and has created a faithful representation of a 1950s or early 1960s Dutch small town scene. The layout has become a favourite during exhibitions with a train crawling round the continuous run whilst Jan talks to his spectators about his prototype theme and his modelling.

Jan built all his own locomotives and rolling stock, freelance although with a clear parentage in RTM prototypes. He uses 9mm gauge and H0 scale.

Here are some recent photos taken at the Rijswijk show of January, 2013.

Memories of the days of the island steam tram:

The ferry pier with a tug and a transporter barge alongside the pier:

The campsite showing a typical 1950s-1960s scene - no bikinis in sight:

Mouburg station with a Mercedes road bus and the Billard railcar and a steam tram next to the platform:

A typical 1950s small town scene, with the steam tramway crossing from the station into the road:

More photos