The Corn Mill (2016)

Henk Wust, John & Jane Jacobs & Derk Huisman

(text: Jan van Mourik)

This is a joint 009 project built by John & Jane Jacobs from the UK, and Derk Huisman and Henk Wust from the Netherlands. Some years ago they agreed to build a joint layout in which the craftsmanship of each comes to its very best. Jane is known for her exquisite model buildings, John modelled the rolling stock and fine detail such as fences and traffic signs, and Derk was in charge of the track-laying- and electrical wiring department. Henk could indulge landscape building, trees and ground cover.

As the name implies, this layout features a corn mill (situated somewhere in East Anglia); but in fact it shows two corn mills:

The old mill is a freelance creation by Henk. The “new” one was built by Jane; she was inspired by a corn mill near Market Rasen still in existence around 1955. As opposed to the original, the model corn mill has a narrow gauge railway connection to the rest of the world. In addition there is a small quay built to take away the product by boat.

Further down the road near the overbridge is inevitable pub for the mill hands to slake their thirst caused by the clouds of flour. This pub is also a model by Jane, as is the painted backscene.

In its 'XL' version this layout contains a third module, which includes a tiny cove with an old wreck, an incline with an abandoned narrow gauge line and a crusher where rock is processed into sand and gravel. Actually there are three versions of rock mining and crushing: the old incline with its deserted narrow gauge line, a conveyor belt in a tunnel bringing the rock to the surface and the modern day crusher.

The layout consists of 3 units, each 80x40cms, totalling 240cms of length. To the right a single fiddle track is connected which is used to exchange complete trains.

The track plan below shows that the layout can be viewed from the front and the sides.

more photos  

Recently, a fourth unit was added which includes a panoramic 180 degree curve.

more photos     (includes the fourth unit)