Events in 2016

Ted Polet

Dutch Group meeting, 30-1-2016

On January 30th, 2016, there was an unusually high attendance at the Dutch Group meeting held at my place. If I have counted correctly, there were 15 members, including our new members Wolter Daniels and Marco Balk. From about 11am, Nixnie and the C&DR were in operation to enable members' models to be run. Besides, there was Michael Staats who brought his new brickworks layout in H0e, complete to the track and the building bases. He had his DCC-equipped Minitrains Gmeinder running the circuit. Rob Reinders brought his 'briefcase layout' - a U shaped piece of track showing both ends of a mountain railway, featuring a winter scene at one end and automatic operation. Jaap Stuurman arrived with his new project, an oil and pitch storage depot with a harbour and a narrow gauge system.

Bert van Rhijn had brought his two kitbuilt Glyn Valley locomotives and a third kitbashed tram loco made from a Peco 'Jeanette'. As I busied myself upstairs demonstrating the C&DR, which hadn't yet been seen by several members, and running and filming the models brought along, Jan van Mourik took care of much of the catering down in the kitchen (thanks, Jan!), next to the living room.

Lucien Eijdems had brought his Narrow Planet 'Coferna' diesel and two 3D printed bogie opens designed by himself. In the afternoon, Gerbrand Haans and Len de Vries came along. Len had brought a few models including a Backwoods Namib steam railmotor built in what he describes as an 'Australian style'. Gerbrand and he are planning an Australian layout.

Pride of the show as far I am concerned were the two radio-controlled 3D printed locomotives made by Hedzer Durksz - two 21st Century technologies combined in very tiny models that proved to be very controllable as well. Tiny receivers and batteries are hidden in these models. Their performance can be judged in the video.

We had a short discussion about the future of the Dutch Group, which has grown to about 20 members, some of whom had travelled for 3 hours to reach Leiden, from as far as Groningen and Maastricht. We decided that next to our infrequent general meetings and excursions we need something set up on a regional basis - small local group meetings and projects, and operating nights on working layouts. This will be tried out in the near future.

Finally, eight of us walked over to a nearby Chinese restaurant for an excellent dinner to conclude the meeting.

The oil and pitch storage depot by Jaap Stuurman:

Freelance tram loco Glyndwr by Bert van Rhijn:

The briefcase layout by Rob Reinders:

Radio-controlled Henschel by Hedzer Durksz:

Narrow gauge models in 0 scale by Wolter Daniels:




Rijswijk model railway show, January 2016

At the Rijswijk model railway show of January 2016, I made some video of the following layouts, of which Smeerdijk is of course a standard gauge layout produced by Henk Wust, in co-operation with Derk Huisman, Jaap Stuurman and Jan van Mourik:



Ontraxs Utrecht March 2016

Ontraxs featured excellent layouts, although there was hardly any video to be shot without people's heads intruding. But I suppose you cannot have all. Two Dutch 009 Group members were showing - Gerbrand Haans and Gerard vd Weijer. Their layouts are represented in the video. As far as I am concerned, the star of the show was the Polish modular layout by Leszek Lewiński & Sebastian Marszał, rather free form in set-up. Operation was impeccable, the scenery was wonderfully detailed, a good impression of the flat Polish countryside. They are members of a Polish modular modelling group (Polska Makieta Modułowa), whose website is here: In addition there was a nice showcase layout by Roderik Vanderkelen from Belgium, based on a 1950s Vicinal scene. And for those who like a good standard gauge layout, there was an American Santa Fe layout with full sound and smoke effects, again excellent scenery and fully computerised operation without any glitches.

Jan van Mourik made photos, a selection of which is shown below.

Beautiful South Africa:

Bouillère, Vicinal in the Ardennes:

Gitanas, Spanish scene:

Kaloonga, Australian theme in 009 by Gerbrand Haans:

Stork's nest on the Polish layout by Leszek Lewiński & Sebastian Marszał:

More photos  



Narrow Gauge South, Sparsholt, April 2016

My brother Marcel and I went over to Sparsholt to show Dunalistair a final time. Thanks to Tim Couling and his organising team for a wonderful welcome and a wonderful show! The show produced a long and bewildering procession of faces, some well-known and others new, and regrettably the consequence of exhibiting your own layout is you don’t get to see most of the others! Despite being most ably assisted by Marcel and by Harry Mantheakis, I only managed to get away twice, and look round a few of the rooms. In consequence I missed most of the other layouts and talking to friends was very limited. I have no photos and video to speak of, but others have done an admirable job. I will try and link some of their photo albums from here. Dunalistair hasn't often been shown and is now retired to serve as part of the home layout only. The layout is really too complicated to be operated by someone not familiar with the controls and the interlocking, but I expect it will see some home operating sessions with fellow Dutch Group members.

Tim Easter's Caledonian style saddle tank:

The line-up of Jintybashes on Isle Ornsay, which was part of the 'silly hour' at the end of the show:

Another photo of the 'Caleybash' on Dunalistair:

Lucy Diamond, a nicely finished 3D printed loco by Dan 'Signalarts98':


Other Sparsholt photo albums:

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On our way to the ferry we had a few hours to spare and made a short trip over part of the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway, which I discovered a few years ago. I got a particularly nice video of Hurricane pulling away from Hythe, looking and sounding like a main line express loco.

Hurricane starting away from Hythe:

RHDR video:    


C&DR operating night, 29-4-2016

On April 29th, we had an operating night on the C&DR, with three Dutch 009 group members visiting, Bert van Rhijn, Marco Balk and Rob Reinders. Bert brought a new kitbashed train which we ran over the line. The operating session with four operators was a steep learning curve, most of all for my guests who had to learn the controls, but also for me as I had to combine the roles of a dispatcher and back-up for the inevitable switchboard problems. Rob Reinders was banished outside the 'theater' to drive the second train - space inside the layout was too limited for three operators. I had to duck inside and outside when necessary... Despite the restricted space it was great fun - especially when I set off a laugh box on the computer to distract them (remembering a similar device described on John Allen's G&D!).

Bert and Marco operating the layout. Ted looking on:

Marco and Rob operating the C&DR:

kitbashed train by Bert van Rhijn:



Chatham Model Railway Show, June 2016

In June, Henk Wust together with Jan van Mourik took the 'Corn Mill' to Chatham, including the fourth layout unit. Jan van Mourik made photos.

The fourth unit of the Corn Mill, with Jan van Mourik's Fairlie:

Clydach, by Richard Holder:



Valkenburg model railway show, 24/25-9-2016

On the last weekend in September there was the customary model railway weekend at the museum of the Katwijk-Leiden steam railway, formerly the Valkenburgse Meer steam railway. Another good selection of narrow gauge layouts was on show - I had seen a few previously, but there were some surprises. Most of the 009 gang (apart from Gerard van de Weijer and Gerbrand Haans) were clustered together in the entrance lobby - we had a lot of fun in there. Some wag started comparing the others to Statler and Waldorf of the Muppet show, but it was never clear who was Statler and who was Waldorf. At times it seemed there were four of them...

Pride of place was taken by Compass Point (Chris O'Donoghue). A new layout on the circuit is Jaap Stuurman's oil, pitch and tar depot situated on the river bank near the town of Alblasserdam. Another layout from Britain was Wherewithial Quay by John Bruce, who won the Reinier Hendriksen Trophy in 2015. New member Johan van Doorn always worked in American 0 scale, but now he is drawn to 009. A surprise was a French H0m layout, Saints-Amis-sur Mer, by two Belgian exhibitors, Jeroen Nieuwlaat and Tim Somers. Also on show was the Corn Mill by Henk Wust, John and Jane Jacobs and Derk Huisman, in its new extended form. Other 009 Society members' layouts were Winery De Pionier by Gerard van de Weijer, and Kaloonga by Gerbrand Haans. Next to the entrance door, Michael Staats was showing his smal Saxon layout Daheeme, and opposite Henk Wust was Lucien Eijdems with his Württemberg 1916 layout.

Compass Point - Chris O'Donoghue:

Jan's Pek-, Teer- en Oliehandel - Jaap Stuurman:

Wherewithial Quay - John Bruce:

Card modelling - Jos Bakkers:

Nothing to do - Johan van Doorn:

Saints-Amis-sur-Mer - Jeroen Nieuwlaat & Tim Somers:

The Corn Mill - Henk Wust & friends:

Buchau, Württemberg 1916 - Lucien Eijdems:


Video will follow


Expong, 29-10-2016

At Expong, held at Swanley, UK on the last Saturday of October, there were effectively three Dutch Group 009 layouts: The Corn Mill by Henk Wust and friends (mentioned at the Valkenburg show above). Henk was assisted by Jan van Mourik. I myself came to the show with Nixnie, which has been exhibited in England twice before, and two parts of a new layout depicting the mountaintop terminus of the Creag Dhubh Mountain Railway. 'The Summit' was entered in the Dave Brewer Memorial Challenge, and 'The Ridge', the other half of the layout, was exhibited on the 009 Society stand. The Summit came out first in the Challenge, very closely followed by Pete Wilson's excellent scrapyard layout 'The Scrapman Cometh'.

I was most ably assisted by Bert van Rhijn, Chris O'Donoghue and Harry Mantheakis, and once or twice other operators stepped in, including Helen Glover, wife of Richard, who customarily announces the winner of the Challenge. I wouldn't have been able to cope with the task of keeping two layouts running otherwise!

Grindley Brook Wharf, 009 by Tim Ellis, winner of the Reinier Hendriksen Trophy:

Harry Mantheakis and Chris O’Donoghue operating Nixnie:

Henk Wust operating The Corn Mill:

David Gander’s 009 Green End:

The Scrapman Cometh, 014, by Pete Wilson:

After the judging ended, Ted joined Creag Dhubh Summit station to The Ridge:

Photos copyright Mick Thornton.


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Bredgar & Wormshill Railway, 30-10-2016

On the Sunday following Expong, Bert and I went to visit the Bredgar & Wormshill Light Railway, again meeting with several friends, one of which was Tim Ellis, who won the Reinier Hendriksen Trophy this time, with Grindley Brook Wharf. And I was offered a few rides on locomotives which was great fun. And on Monday after Expong, on our way to the ferry, Bert and I stopped at the Chatham Dockyard, to look at the railway and maritime exhibits.

Hunslet Lady Joan on the BWLR: