What is the 009 Society?

The 009 Society is a British narrow gauge railway modelling society with over a thousand members, most of whom live in the UK. Some members however reside in the European Continent, in the United States, Canada, Australia and even in Japan. The 009 Society supports narrow gauge modelling, primarily in 1:87 or 1:76 (4mm/1ft) scale, using track gauges from 6.5 to 12mm. The Society publishes a monthly newsletter magazine, the 009 News, featuring many interesting articles, photos and trade news as well as local area group news. The Society supports model railway exhibitions, mainly in the UK but also, occasionally, elsewhere. Please refer to the 009 Society website for more information - press the button below.

You are now viewing the website of the 009 Society's Dutch Group.

In 1998, after an earlier attempt in the early 1990s by the late Reinier Hendriksen, a few dedicated Dutch 009 Society members decided to form their own local area group within the 009 Society which is now generally known as the 'Dutch Group'.

The Dutch Group, like all 009 Society local area groups, is very informal in character. Several times a year we meet at a member's home or at a preserved railway, or at a model railway show. We keep in touch over the phone or using e-mail, both within the Dutch Group and with members abroad. Nearly all of us are active model builders, some of us having been in the hobby for many years, and others having taken it up only recently. Although we all like to see top class modelling, we also support and encourage any newcomer who builds his first model using only limited means and skill.

In the Projects and Group pages of this website we regularly report on our activities, using photos of our latest projects and events we have attended.

If you are interested in joining the 009 Society, visit the Society's home page in Britain (see links page), or if you reside in the Netherlands, send an e-mail to the Dutch Group.

Our early heritage - the 1990s  

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